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In this article, I wish to explore an important issue in university education, namely, "What kind of university education is best suited to the goal of career advancement?


Let us begin by acknowledging that university education has at least four interlocking goals:


  • A. Dissemination of knowledge (such that the knowledge of the older generation is preserved in the younger generation).

  • B. Training of people, aimed at the production of the man power needed for the preservation and progress of the nation and society (engineers, architects, bankers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, administrators, cabinet ministers, ...);

  • C. Training of researchers needed for the preservation and expansion of human knowledge;

  • D. The development and enhancement of the inner potential of individuals (intellectual, moral, emotional, physical, social, cultural, spiritual, ...)


My focus in this article is the relation between goal B and goal D, Goals A, C and D are clearly related and mutually enhancing. An educational programme that aims to develop and strengthen the research abilities of students (goal C) will develop the habits of independent learning among students, and will ultimately lead to the development and enhancement of the intellectual potential of the individual students (goal D). It will also lead to the transfer of knowledge (goal A) as a by product of the focus on independent learning. Similarly, goals A and B are related: in order to produce an efficient task force out of the new generation (goal B), it is necessary to impart available knowledge and skills to them (goal A). The question is, is goal B in conflict with goals C and D, or are they mutually reinforcing?

For the majority of students, the primary motivation for education is career advancement. From the students' point of view, an efficient educational programme should increase their chances of finding a job and going up the career ladder. Hence, goal B is the most important from their perspective. However, as far as teachers are concerned, goal D is the most important. Hence the need to explore the potential conflict between the two.


Professor. J Clarh, The Honorary President