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  • Master study: 2 Years

Note: Students may reductase years of study.


A. Stage of activation:


After the student registered, one of our DUS staff will contact the student on his/her phone and his/her e-mail to activate the student's data on the university website database.


B. Stage of start-up:


After completing the stage of activation, The university will sent package of the following documents to the student:


  • Welcome letter and (university definition letter).
  • Acceptance and registration letter.
  • The university ID card.
  • The UNESCO international student ID card.
  • Membership of the students council letter at the university.
  • Guidance letter to help the student to the necessary steps to activate his/her account on the University virtual campus.


C. Stage of study:


  • The postgraduate program course consists of six mean subjects, The student will study at least (224) credit hours for the purpose of graduation.
  • Possibility to choose the language of study among several languages ​​such as "English, French, Spanish".
  • For Graduation, The student must succeed at least 80%.
  • There is one advisor "at least" for each student, this advisor will be responsible for follow-up with the student until graduation, Taking into consideration the provision of "appropriate communication tool" between the student and the advisor.
  • The study consists of two parts: The first part is studying six subjects in 170 credit hours, And the second part is the preparation to the thesis research in 54 credit hour "choosen between the student and the advisor".
  • Everytime,The College will make an assessment for each student through his/her advisor and for advisors through his/her students.


D. Stage of graduation:


After completion the scheduled hours, the advisor will send the student's report to the college department, The college department will submit a "recommendation" to the high university management, The high university management will issue the student graduation certificate and will send it to the student through Three steps:


  • Sending electronic version to the student by e-mail Within Twenty days from the date of receipt the recommendation.
  • Sending printout version to the student Within Fortieth days from the date of receipt the recommendation.
  • Sending printout documented version to the student Within Sixtieth days from the date of receipt the recommendation.