Delaware University of Science
Delaware University of Science

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A virtual campus refers to the online offerings of a college or university where college work is completed either partially or wholly online, often with the assistance of the teacher, professor, or teaching assistant.


The majority of students using virtual campuses to obtain online degrees are adults students for three main reasons:


  • Flexibility - Adults with full-time jobs and families would find it impossible to attend daily at a traditional school setting. Online classes allow students to work at their own pace and work around their busy lives.


  • Cost - The cost of an online degree is relatively cheaper than at a traditional college setting. Obtaining your degree online eliminates costs such as classroom costs and facility upkeep costs that traditional students are required to pay because they are using the campus. However, the cheaper cost of an online degree does not diminish the value of the degree.


  • Broad Choices - Students can remain at home and have availability to degrees that may not be offered by universities or colleges nearby.


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